Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday Fictioneers #1… SEMI-PRECIOUS GEMEMOIR

The brilliant orange stone in the glassine envelope is a Padparadscha. It is man-made, as are the other stones in the photo, I suspect. The size and quality would indicate so… if natural they would be in paper packets. This photo resets many memories… from a lifetime so long ago.
The countless hours spent studying colored stones at the G.I.A. on the way to a Gemologist Degree.
The hours spent buying and selling gemstones.
For some strange reason, when I saw this photo, I thought of the day when I opened the jewelry store, to find our safe lying on it’s back with the door open…
It's funny how one thing leads to the other... I was looking at some creative writing sites, and a photo caught my eye.  Having worked in the family jewelry store, before leaving to 'find myself',  I read with interest.  It appears the photo was a prompt to inspire writers to create a story 100 words long.  Apparently they do this on Fridays... hence the name of the group FridayFictioneers.  The Headmistress is Madison Woods.  She posts a photo with her story, and her followers add theirs.  I enjoyed reading the different stories 'prompted' by the photo.  She invited me to try, so I  sparklers...did, even thought I'm not a Fictioneer.  Do see Madison and check out all the different stories suggested by the pretty sparklers...

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  1. Thank you for coming to "school" and sharing this story. Hope to see more of your work in future weeks. I enjoyed your clean-cut (unintentional pun), straight forward interpretation of the picture.

    Also, I have to add...Friday Harbor? Not far from me - as the crow flies. We have yet to explore that area of the sound...I can't wait to make it up your way. (Happily homesteaded on Whidbey, Is.)