Thursday, January 19, 2012

DESSERT DISASTER: The Dangers of the Internet!

Having been been away from home for some time, I was looking forward to a trip to the grocery store, or market as some would say, to stock up on goodies.  Of course DESSERT is a must, and I had to get my favorite… Marionberry Cobbler from the Willamette Valley.  And, that leads to Hand Churned French Vanilla Ice Cream to top it off!   After a trip to the Frozen Food Aisle I made my way through check out and headed for home.
Leaving my grocery bag (the reusable kind of course) on the backseat, I took some artwork I am preparing for the County Fair inside the house and decided to check my e-mail… two hours later I remembered the food.
Well, I took my time putting everything away ( being involved with facebook by now), having forgot there were frozen goodies involved.  By the time I dug out the cobbler and ice cream they were thoroughly melted.  And, to make matters worse, the cobbler was on end… meaning it had all slid together at one end of the container.  Well, in the fridge the ice cream went and I mixed the cobbler together and put it in the oven, figuring I would not cook it as long since it was no longer frozen… Hey Great!… more time to check out something on the computer.  Well, I cooked it about 1/2 hr. too long and it was an interesting brown colored crust.  The good thing was that the ice cream solidified enough to spoon out somewhat whole.
Tasted semi-okay and better than nothing I guess… Another example of the Dangers of the Internet!

I wrote this June 30, 2010... 

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