Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trifecta Writing Challenge #63: SIR WALTER

“Oh what a tangled path we weave.”
“My, aren’t you the dramatic one! But you’ve got the quote wrong, I don’t think it’s path.”
“What are you talking about, of course it is.  It’s by Shakespeare.”
“Not! I’m gonna look it up.”
“Go right ahead Miss Google-Pants.”
“Web, Ethel. It’s ‘web’, not ‘path’. I think it was by Sir Walter Scott, not Shakespeare.”
“Think!  Don’t you give me ‘think’, Cheryl, you know damn well who it is, you just looked it up for Christ’s sake!”
It seems Ethel’s Trifecta woes continue.  This week’s challenge was the third definition of Path..
Here is what Cheryl found at Wikipedia…
Sir Walter Scott.


  1. hat a very interesting style you have... So lad I called in...x

  2. That was great - lots of fun. but what am I missing ... path??? I thought it was doctor??

  3. Thanks for commenting. She was thanking spirits both visible and invisable, the original spell was to be about empowerment, however word constraints made me have to cut some of the spell, she is not going invisible...YET! mucgwyrt is old english??? for mugwort. I found it Witchipedia. I am so a miss google pants.

  4. Ha ha ha ... I loved the last line !!!

  5. Hi Ted! Thank you very much for the visit--this was great fun--especially loved "Ms. Google-pants" made me laugh out loud. :-)